As a visionary technologist with strong operating experience, I have been responsible for many aspects of developing and growing companies. With deep global technology knowledge emphasizing Aerospace, Mobile Communications, Software, Internet & New Media, Healthcare (Medical Informatics & Medical Devices), Energy (new and traditional) and an awarded scientist uniquely positioned to provide key strategic and advisory services including:

  • Formation
  • Global Expansion (China, India, Africa, Hungary, Bulgaria, UK)
  • Strategy and Market Positioning

Being hands-on and thick-skinned, I like to take on tough situations whether on the front-line or at the board level, and will be happy to work on assignments for:

  • turn-arounds,
  • mergers & acquisitions,
  • culture and team integration.

Having a visionary technologist at your disposal allows you to see  much further down the road and around the bend. Providing you with a vision that can bee articulated to all levels of an organization. Roles include:

  • Part Time – CXO (Operations, Strategy, Technology)
  • Board Membership
  • Sell-Side Advisor
  • Buy-Side Advisor
  • Capital Raising (Seed, Series-X, Growth) – Traditional and non traditional sources (domestic and international)
  • Founder Exit Planning